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Kushti Cabins

The unique and funky design of a Kushti Cabin is both organic in shape and solid in build.  Using timber, steel and weatherproof marine fabric, the structure is bound by colourful ropes, secured by lockable doors, and furnished with an attention to detail on the interiors that leaves you thoroughly indulged.

Choose one of three cabin options detailed below - all for double occupancy - Pure, Comfort or Luxe

Please note, not all options are available at all events - see individual event details for full information

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Kushti Pure

If you know what you’re doing and would like to sleep in your own bedding surrounded by your own camping things, then Kushti Pure is for you. 

It is a fully erected, unfurnished 2.5m x 4m Kushti Cabin, with.....

  • solar lighting (inside and out)
  • large eco-rug
  • bedside box for storage
  • curtains for the essential lie-in
  • doormat on the porch

Kushti Comfort

If you prefer having things a little bit more laid-on and can’t be bothered with lugging all your kit there and back, then Kushti Comfort may be right for you. 

Within the Kushti Comfort cabin, as well as providing all that is standard in the Kushti Pure option, we will have also prepared and left for your use.....

  • king size bed with mattress
  • mattress topper
  • king size feather duvet and two feather pillows
  • 100% cotton bed linen
  • large eco rug
  • cushion and fleece throw
  • bedside tables
  • water and cups
  • curtains
  • lockable door
  • battery or solar powered interior light
  • solar porch lantern
  • doormat on the porch
  • mirror
  • torch
  • waste bin
  • hooks for hanging clothes
  • hangers
  • two chairs for the porch.

Kushti Luxe

Finally, the elite choice of Kushti Cabin! 

You won't want to go home after your stay in this larger (2.5m x 5m) Kushti Luxe cabin. 

Raising you happily above the common ground of festival camping, the calm, curving, retro-styled space delivers you an indulgent boutique camping experience, full of special touches and careful attention to detail......

  • larger (2.5m x 5m) cabin
  • a real king size bed
  • real mattress and topper
  • king size feather duvet with 4 feather pillows
  • 100% cotton luxury bed linen
  • 2 x bath towels
  • Kushti Shower bag
  • king size fleece throw and cushions
  • lockable door
  • bedside tables
  • Kushti goody bag (inc. toiletries, snacks, festival survival...)
  • large rug
  • luggage rack and waste bin
  • window blinds
  • LED uplighters with remote
  • socket for phone-charging
  • solar porch lantern
  • water and cups
  • torch and mirror
  • hooks for hanging clothes with wooden hangers
  • 2 x chairs and a small table for the porch.