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Donna, 26.07.16, Kushti Comfort, Latitude

I would like to say how very much we enjoyed staying in the cabin.....the daily pump up of the airbed was much appreciated and the space made it so easy to keep organised (and upright!). I know you're not responsible for Pink Moon but I do also need to say that the modern modular design of their showers and toilets and the pro-active effort their staff made to keep those clean really made a 4 night stay a pleasure rather than a tribulation. Hoping to see you next year

Edward, 25.08.16, Luxe, Rewind South

It was great to meet you and we had a fantastic time and the cabin was great although the weather was not so brilliant. Thanks again and hopefully see you next year.

Andrea, 25.08.16, Luxe, Rewind South

Thank you, they were lovely. My husband has never been to a festival and it is the first one for me for many years, your cabins made it a wonderful experience. We are thinking of going to a different festival next year, but I said only if you provide the Kushti cabins there! What festivals do you cover?

Brett, 09.08.16, Luxe, Rewind North

Thank you for a lovely stay the cabins were great and I do hope you are there next year, as there was lots of people taking to us who say they are going to book them next time, we had lots of viewings